My Buried Life Project


Authors Note:

I’m just an average girl who was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Shy, quiet, didn’t have a lot of friends back when I was little. Have a brilliant, hardworking father, and I had an amazing and also hardworking mother, until she got sick and passed away. I was fourteen years old when she passed,and since then I felt as if I was in the dark. I was living on the dark side. Not for long though, because there just happened to be some happiness in mine and my dads life. My step mother and step sister became a part of the family, and they filled the house again. We were once again a family. When it came to thinking about what I wanted to do before I died, it struck me like ” oh, um… I have no idea” at first, then I started writing things down and soon enough I was on a roll. I started of with one of the biggest sections of my bucket list, which was, traveling, I would say that at least half of the 51 items on my list are related to travelling. I will definitely want to fulfill those items, since I am a traveler and I will for sure enjoy going to all the places I put down. I have been traveling since I was a baby. I LOVE to travel!! Traveling makes me happy. 🙂 I have been so privileged for the past 17 years of my life, because I have been able to go to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Bahamas’s, Florida, Sweden, Bosnia, Minnesota, and Edmonton. Most of these places my parents have spoiled me by taking me there several times and not just once. I have had so many fun adventures, and good times through traveling that I will not be stopping that anytime soon. So before I die I would like to travel lots more and around the world. Other items that I have on my bucket list would be to own a dog and work with dogs, I love dogs, especially small ones. I would love to hang around them non stop, and cuddle them, play with them, maybe even get some exercise with them, haha. Being around dogs would be fun. Another thing I would like to do, which is very important to me is doing something such as a bake sale to raise money for the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) because my mother passed away from Hepatitis C, she had liver and kidney damage because of it, and she almost got her second liver transplant except that she was too much at risk. I’d like to help out so that others wouldn’t have to suffer or suffer as much as my mother did. There are many things that I have on my list, and lots more that I might be able to think of when I have more time, but I can’t talk about all of them so I’m just going to finish off with… I hope to have everything done on my bucket list before I die. These are the things that I want to do before I die.


Now What:

So to say that i have already accomplished something from my bucket list would be very true. Just this past thursday, I actually finally got my drivers’ licensce. It was  a very happy day for me, and since then i have been driving to and from specific locations, but that’s okay! im just starting, because yes it is definitely intimidating being out on the road! Yikes! What iIwould like to do now is to first of all graduate from high school, then get a University degree, and afterwards a well paying job, so that I could travel more around the world. I love travelling, especially to really warm places, and honestly I think anything is better than being in Winnipeg when it is minus 40 degrees celcius outside and we are up to our knees covered in snow, trudging through it. I  have been travelling since I was a baby pretty much. I am also thinking about maybe possibly one weekend, once I get used to driving, go with my friends for a road trip. I would like to accomplish everything on my bucket list for sure!


Darien Helping Me Out:



Me Helping Darien Out:



Bucket List:

1.) Travel to Italy
2.) Travel to Rome
3.) Travel to Brazil
4.) Travel to England
5.) Travel to Thailand
6.) Travel to California
7.) Travel to New York
8.) Travel to Athens, Greece
9.) Travel to Australia
10.) Get a Dog
11.) Work with animals
12.) Own my own Home
13.) Own my own Car
14.) Fall in love
15.) Have a big Traditional Wedding
16.) Go to University
17.) Get a Well Paying Job
18.) Get my Driver’s Liscence
19.) Graduate from High School
20.) Graduate from University
21.) Find a hobby/ talent
22.) Learn to Cook and Bake
23.) Make lots of Friends
24.) Hang out with Friends a lot
25.) Go to the Bar
26.) Travel to Ireland
27.) Speak Publicly
28.) Get over the Anxiety and Panic
29.) Raise money for the Canadian Liver Foundation ( Bake Sale)
30.) Finish the Harry Potter Movie Series
31.) Finish the Vampire Diaries Seasons
32.) Help Someone Achieve their Goal
33.) Go Hiking up a Mountain or the Woods
34.) Go into a Tropical Rainforest
35.) See another Siberian Tiger up close
36.) Hold a Lion Cub
37.) Go Fishing
38.) Go on Another Catamaran Ride
39.) Get nice and Tanned
40.) Grow up and still have my Grandmother around
41.) Grow old with my Mother and Father.
42.) Drive a Really Fast Car Just Once
43.) Get a Part Time Job to Make a Little Extra Money
44.) Be Positive in and About Life
45.) Go To the Bar
46.) Have a Huge Party at my House
47.) Have Really Long Hair
48.) Own a Cottage
49.) Go To Hollywood
50.) Be able to hold Conversations with Others
51.) Travel to Jamaica


Stalking vs. Help

I had written quite a bit so I had to screen shot it several times, but don’t worry it is in the exact order. You might just have to find your place a couple of times when you go to the next photo to continue reading. Hope you enjoy it!







Thinking about Dialogue

1.) For my eavesdropping of the conversations I went to the front window, and two hallways in front of class rooms. All my conversations were found on the second floor. I didn’t listen in on the conversations for too long, probably not even long enough. One of the conversations was between two teachers, and the other two were between students. It felt weird and awkward recording the conversation. I was trying not to come too close to where the people were, because I felt strange eavesdropping. I didn’t want to get caught by any chance.

2.) Some people speak to their friends about really personal subjects and some talk about subjects that they don’t particularly care if anyone is listening on. People speak dramatically, or quietly.

3.) I can apply this type of writing to my story for sure. I can make sure that the female and male character are talking to each other.

4.) You can tell, who has a lot of gossip and drama in their life and who doesn’t. When someone has gossip to tell, it makes them seem more interesting, and lots of people listen to hear what they are about say. The people who don’t really have anything interesting to talk about, are probably the quiet people. They might be the ones to stand off to the side, and people might interpret that as being shy.

5.) When more than two people participate in a conversation, the topics get more interesting, and it gets harder to record the conversation. When there is more than two people, there are many stories to tell. It becomes more amusing when there is lots more laughter going on. Lots of opinions and thoughts get shared this way as well.

6.) Some people are very outspoken and some people don’t care oor are unaware of who’s around them when they talk. Some people like to just keep things either amongst themselves or they only talk to maybe one person. It surprises me that people don’t think about the chance of someone recording their conversations.

7.) The differences with written and spoken conversations is that you can always make mistakes, when you are writing things down. You miss some words or sentences. Its not easy. As well you don’t get the same reactions or tone when it is just written down. I would say that it is very difficult to duplicate a conversation as a similarity.

Personal Addition #22

Today, my class got a chance to talk to a grade 3 class up in Thompson, over Skype. I have to say it was definitely a unique experience. I have never done it before. It was funny seeing the little guys raise their hands for just about every one of the pages of our book. I would say the value of this could be that it is important to connect with the youth as we age. It does bring back some memories of elementary school, when the teacher used to read to us. I would say that for next time I think we should totally have Havoc the Husky, and Havoc should dance!!!! 🙂 🙂  then we might be a little more interesting instead of boring.

Personal Addition #20


This is me probably when I was six or seven years old. I was being a cute, goofy little caterpillar for Halloween once. Now since I look back at this photo, I’m thinking that it is adorable. And I look kind of funny. Lol.

It’s Okay Pages


Our class is making our own version of a children’s book called “It’s Okay”. And we will be presenting our book to a grade three class up in Thompson. We will be reading to them over Skype. I am excited to see how this goes, I think it is a wonderful opportunity, and I think its awesome. For my page of the book I said ” It’s Okay to cry if you are sad”. Which is true. Some people think that they need to hold their heads high, and be strong every time they are sad, or if they’ve lost a loved one, they feel like they are responsible to be strong and not cry. Some people hold in their tears, and that only causes more problems for them. People need to understand that crying could be considered a coping method. When you cry you let out all the frustration, anger, sadness, and sometimes even stress and pressure. Kids could start understanding, that if they need to cry then they absolutely should feel free to, and not be shy or feel the need to let go of the problem or situation. Its okay to cry, because sometimes it helps.